Hey Kid: Steel

You are one fortunate kid.  Either Steel is your dad or your uncle and that is a tremendous blessing.  Today we celebrate Steel's 21st birthday.  Still a young man, but a man nonetheless.  My baby is all grown up.

I've written so much about Steel in the past and yet I have only scratched the surface on defining his character.  From the time he was a very young boy, we knew he had an extraordinary personality.  He was (and still is) quick-witted, wise and terribly funny.  He is passionate about EVERYTHING that has attention at the moment.  Of course... the object of his focus changes frequently, but his passion does not.  He is the epitome of "Go Big or Go Home."

Steel is diverse.  He is one of the fiercest competitors I have ever witnessed, and yet he is as sensitive as an artist.  He will battle in sporting events sacrificing life and limb (literally) one minute and then sing an operatic solo from Phantom of the Opera the next.  He is well versed in music, the arts, and philosophy and loves nothing more than a spirited debate about  any of these subjects.  Steel is strong, and fit and self-disciplined when it comes to his physicality and also a wonderful cook.  He is equally comfortable in a tuxedo or an old pair of sweats and a t-shirt and wears it all very well.

At this stage of his life, Steel is a Junior at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR.  He loves school, his studies, his friends and his family very much.  I know I'm his mom, but I must say, to know him is to love him... and I think the rest of the world feels that way too.  He has accomplished much in his short 21 years, but I know he's only just begun.

If he's this fabulous today, there's no telling how great he'll be when you come along.