Hey Kid: Document

I like to write.  (Obviously!)  But I don't mean just writing as is communicating thoughts.  I like to document.  I like to journal, record and keep track of anything and everything in my life.  (I have a particular fondness for lists.)  I like to leave a paper trail.  It brings a serene peace of mine.  Part of the reason is due to my terrible memory.   But I'd also like to think that it's for efficiency and permanence too. If it's important, write it down.  It doesn't have to be complicated or fancy or even legible to anyone else.  Try to learn this habit early and it will help in your education as well.  There is something that happens in the brain when your hand makes the physical movement and your eyes read the result.  It's extra help for the memory process.  I like to think of it as memory cement.

You never know when you may need to look back to remember something.  It happens to the best of us... and it's helpful if you have a resource.  The worst case scenario is that you have a documented record of  your life.  (Someday you'll have grandchildren too.)