Hey Kid: No Luck

I don't believe in luck.  I believe in grace and blessings, but not luck.  Being lucky implies that things happen by chance and only to certain people.  I think everything happens for a reason, at the proper time, to the right individual. I once read, a better way to describe luck is describe what happens when preparation meets opportunity.  That makes much more sense to me.  Lucky people were properly prepared to take advantage of a situation when it became available to them.  Things don't just  happen, people make things happen when the right time comes along.  And it always comes along.

Make your own luck.  Work hard.  Prepare.  Look for the opportunities around you everyday and jump on them.  If you're not successful in your attempts, don't fret.  Chalk it up to more preparation which will help you the next time you get an opportunity.  Don't look at these moments as failures with regret.  They are lessons and tools to help make you better.