Hey Kid: Birthday Suits

Baker Beach in San Francisco is one of the most beautiful in California... and one of my absolute favorite places.  It's in the perfect location at the entrance of the San Francisco Bay with the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It's easy to get to and usually not very crowded. There is, however one negative aspect.  Baker Beach is an "unofficial" nude beach.  Well, at least parts of it are.  Now I'm not so prudish as to not appreciate the beauty of the human body... but most of the people who choose to be naked on the beach are not the physically fit, attractive kind of people you would want to see naked.  It makes me very uncomfortable.  The first time we went, I almost ran into a hairy naked guy and I've been very cautious ever since.   At that point we didn't realize it was "clothing optional" but now, I pay much closer attention to the people around me.

But not even nudity will keep me from this beautiful place.  Yes, I'm a little out of my comfort zone, but it's totally worth it.  Sometimes in life you have to weigh the negatives and positives... and although I wouldn't choose to see any naked people, they won't keep me from one of my favorite places.  We just stay out of each other's way.  It's a lesson in mutual tolerance.  To each his own.  I won't stop them if they don't stop me.