Hey Kid: Sierra

If Sierra is your mom... You are one blessed kid.  By the time you come along, she will be an expert because she's been practicing for motherhood her whole life.  From the time she was a tiny girl, she was very well aware of her "caregiver" instinct and everything she does is to foster that desire.  She never really trusted Leroy and I to take care of Steel by ourselves.  Neither when he was a baby or even now as an adult.  From the moment we brought Steel home from the hospital, Sierra was protective and nurturing.  I'm sure we caused her quite a bit of anxiety with our leniency.  When it got too much, she would run to Vava (her paternal grandmother) for help.  She's always been responsible and in control over any situation.

People often refer to Sierra as a "sweetheart" and that is appropriate.    She is truly extraordinary.  She is wise as well as smart.  She is quick-witted, intuitive and generous.

I have to admit... there is a lot of her mother in her too.  There are some things that just seem like common sense to us, and yet the rest of the world wonders if we're crazy.  I.e. -- Our shared appreciation for an empty email inbox.  That's just one of our mutual pet peeves.

Sierra is impressive.  She always has been.  People are amazed at her maturity when they first meet her.   She has a kind heart and yet protects it with a fierce sense of self-respect.  This girls really got it together.

I want to be just like her when I grow up.