Hey Kid: Might Be A Redneck

There's a little redneck in all of us.  We can't deny it... and even the Portuguese side of the family has to admit... there are moments when they can act like rednecks too.  (I'll write about your greenhorn side of the family in another post.) You can spot a redneck a mile away.  If their attire doesn't give them away, their loud, obnoxious voices will.  They often forget they are surrounded by non-rednecks who don't understand or appreciate that type of behavior.  If you don't hear them first, you'll notice the cut-off sleeve shirt almost always accompanied by a camouflage baseball cap.  This works for both men and women.  Redneck clothing is most often at least 2 sizes too small and designed for durability, not fashion.

Redneck women are the most irritating.  Most of them will admit that they are not one of the most classy broads in the joint, but they honestly believe their  metallic, green tipped french manicure will hide their true identity.  NEWS FLASH:  We're on to you!

But I'm not here to criticize.  On the contrary.  I always appreciate honest, strong personalities.  Although they might irritate the crap out of me when I'm seated next to them on an airplane for 5 hours straight... I have to admire the authenticity.  I also have to admit there are times when I can morph into that mode... for just a little while.

So don't hate.  You too might be there one day.  Please just try to remember that you're the only one who thinks it's cool when the flight attendants come to your seat every time you push the little button.  And no, the missing guy in row 25 is not an air marshall.