Hey Kid: Build Sandcastles

It's a lot of fun to watch children play on the beach.  No child (or many adults for that matter) can sit in the sand and not play.  It's just instinct.  After watching so many kids today, Chief and I decided (well I decided, Chief indulged me) that we needed to practice our sand-castle building skills.  We bought a bucket and some tools and got to work. The real trick to sand castle creation is the proper sand to water ratio... not too wet, not too dry. Next, the sand has to be packed into the bucket before inversion to make sure it slides out as a solid piece.  This was a moment of frustration for Chief.  He eventually took over on the "packing" duties.  Trial and error is the best teacher.

The tide was going out, so we didn't bother with a moat.  Instead, Chief scoured the beach for treasures to adorn our creation.  He found rocks, coral, plants, and some sea-weed. While he was hunting, I worked on landscaping.  No one wants to occupy an ugly castle.

We probably looked a little goofy.  We were the only 2 adults building a sandcastle today.  I'm sure some of the onlookers thought we'd lost our marbles.  But it was fun.  People don't ever outgrow fun.  Sometimes we just get too busy and we forget how to play.

Don't ever forget how to play.

Today we practiced and we remembered.  And we thought about you, a lot.  We imagined how much more fun it will be to build a sandcastle with you and we decided that we're really looking forward to the experience.