Hey Kid: Go With The Flow

You can learn a lot about life from the ocean.  Especially if you're in it looking around and watching the inhabitants.  The seemingly invisible tides and currents are very obvious when you look at the ocean floor.  The sand forms a pattern and points the direction the water flows.  But the most significant lesson comes from the sea life.  They are usually doing something, or on their way somewhere, but they never fight the water. They just go with the flow.

We've spent a lot of time the sea turtles eating algae in the surf.  They don't fight the waves.  They let the waves move them back and forth, never showing frustration or trying to go against the force.  They just ride the waves and go where the water takes them.

For me, swimming in the ocean is a lot of work.  Just as I get going in one direction, the current will take me backwards and I have to start all over again.  But that's life isn't it?!  Sometimes it's two steps forward and one step back.  The trick is to enjoy the tide going in your direction while you're in it.  It won't last forever, but neither will the back flow.  It's all temporary.  Keep your eye on the prize and learn to enjoy the ride.

Don't fight your circumstance.  Honor it.