Hey Kid: Bedtime Stories

I love to read.  I'm fairly sure that love comes from growing up with parents that loved to read too.  My dad was always reading something about history or horses.

I'm not sure what my mom read, but she was the best bedtime story-teller... ever.  My favorites always came from the Uncle Remus collection and the best one was "The Tar Baby."  The stories are written in slang and the pronunciation was tricky for me as a little kid, but my mom was a master at the vocabulary and the voices to match the characters.  Sometimes, I wasn't even sure what she was saying... but it sounded so funny, I was completely entranced.

The story of the Tar Baby is not popular in 2013.  Due to the potentially "racially insensitive content" (their words, not mine) the story has been modified.  I never understood it in that context.  All I knew was that Br'er Rabbit's problem only got worse, the more he struggled.  But in the end, Br'er Rabbit used his resourcefulness and quick thinking to get out of the sticky situation.

It taught a life lesson.

Somewhere, packed away, I have the book that my mom used to read from.  I'm sad to say that I didn't continue the practice with my own children.  (Although I do remember Mom reading to them on occasion.)  I never felt I read the stories with the enthusiasm the stories required.  But I'm going to work on my skills and be ready when you come along.