Hey Kid: Golden Hour

There are two occurrences, every day when the sunlight is perfect for photography. It is known as the Golden Hour by photographers and it's the hour immediately following sunrise and the hour just before sunset. I got to play in the golden hour today... taking pictures of a friend. As we went from sight to sight, I was thinking about the timing in life. Experiencing this golden sunlight is a reminder that timing really is everything.

"To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven."

The objects illuminated by the light are the same all day long, but their appearance, their beauty, their character change as the light changes. What seems harsh and washed out in the mid-day sun will be softened and vibrant in the soft glow of an impending sunset. The same is true for situations in our life. How something appears at one point my change dramatically if we just practice some patience and wait for God to change the light.