Hey Kid: Costco

We (Chief and I) absolutely love Costco. Well... the truth is that Chief probably loves it more, but at least we share a mutual adoration. We've been frequent shoppers for so long that I can't really remember what we did before Costco existed. Sometimes, we just walk through and see what's new. (There is always something new.) Very, very rarely do we ever leave without a purchase. There is always something that we think we must own. When financial times were better, we spent a lot more money. Our volume has decreased significantly, but it has not stopped.

Whenever we travel we always look for the nearest Costco. The merchandise is so different for each store. It's like walking into a new experience every time. It's fun to see the different items, based on the region we're in. I.e. rain gear in Oregon and surfboards in Hawaii.

Membership has it's benefits.