Hey Kid: Bad News

There is a brief scene in the Godfather that has stuck with me through the years.  As Tom Hagen is preparing to leave Woltz's home he explains his urgency with the line.  "Mr. Corleone is a man who insists on hearing bad news immediately."  I think me and The Godfather have a lot in common. Nobody likes bad news.  No one wants to give it, and no one wants to receive it.  Very rarely is there a legitimate reason to delay it however.  Very, very rarely.  I don't like to hold on to things.  If I have to give bad news, I do it as soon as possible in order to relieve the stress of keeping it to myself which causes worry...

And worry is a worthless waste of time and energy.

Bad news comes with its own set of unique requirements.  You really have to contemplate it and figure out who needs to know and why.  Keeping something (good or bad) from someone for your own, selfish reasons is really despicable.  But I'm also bothered by those who share bad news just for the sake of whining.  Sometimes holding the burden to yourself is too much to manage, but sharing it just to bring others down too is really shameful and quite self-serving.