Hey Kid: Reality TV

There is a phenomenon in entertainment that makes me very uncomfortable. Reality TV.

I hate it.  At best I find it ridiculous, but most of the time it makes me very anxious.  Unfortunately, for me... my "roommates" are fans.  Well, actually just Sierra... but Chief gets sucked into the show "The Voice" and when it's on, I can't stand to be in the same room.

Please keep in mind... reality TV is not real.

Even the shows with the contest themes are produced and edited to give the most dramatic effect.  It drives me crazy.  I just don't see the attraction.

Unfortunately there are those who find it difficult to distinguish between reality and fantasy.  When those people get sucked into reality TV it can really mess up the lives.  Don't be one of those people.  If you can manage an episode or two for pure, entertainment purposes, knock yourself out.  Although I just don't see the attraction.

A much better idea is to work on your own reality.  Make your own life entertaining enough that you don't have to look for it elsewhere.  Life is an adventure, don't waste you're time watching someone else's.