Hey Kid: Quit Complaining

Someday, I'm going to own a big sign that says "NO WHINING!"  It will hold a prominent place of honor in my home and all occupants, guests and visitors will abide by the rule.  I hate whining about as much as I hate pouting.  Neither one serve a purpose, change a circumstance or do any good in general. Pope Francis spoke about complaining in his homily today and it has really struck a chord with me.  He talked about Jesus' post-resurrection appearance to the disciples on the road to Emmaus.  They were complaining so much they didn't even recognize Jesus as he walked with them.  Complaining and griping — about others and about things in one’s own life — is harmful “because it dashes hope. Don’t get into this game of a life of complaints,” Pope Francis said.

How often do we not recognize God around us because we are investing all of our energy in the negative?  Imagine how much wonderful we are missing.

Too often.  For some of us... It's where we live.  It's where fear keeps us hostage.

Don't do it. Don't even start it.  And when you catch yourself, in moments of weakness... pull yourself up and knock it off.  Be sure that I will (gently) remind you if I catch you in the act.  And I hope that you will (gently) do the same for me.  It happens to the best of us... but we still have a choice.

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