Hey Kid: Rated PG

I know it seems that I put my whole life online... And some may think I share a bit too much but there are stories that I haven't shared.  There are stories I can't share... or rather I won't share for the sake of the parties involved. Most of them are hilarious.

But they also have some details that may be a bit inappropriate for my general audience.  I certainly wouldn't want to offend anyone.  I'm also afraid that someone might misinterpret the stories in some way and form a negative view of me.

But I'm telling you... Most of these stories are awesome... and must be documented for future generations.  They're just that good.

So I've decided to write them down.  I've also decided that they will have a rating (similar to the movies) for age appropriateness.  They'll be tagged accordingly and your parents will decided when you're allowed to read them.  (It's not a matter of "if"... I'll make sure you see them someday, I promise.)

I think I'll call the collection "This Really Happened."  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed the experience and writing them down for you.