Hey Kid: Plant a Garden

One of the things I miss the most about living on a farm is the open area for a garden. In the houses we've lived in since we left the dairy, there hasn't been a big enough area to plant a real garden. I've tried growing tomatoes in containers with little success. I don't have a green thumb (at all) but I'll try anything for the ability to walk outside and pick a fresh tomato right off the vine. There is nothing better.

Manna from heaven.

Give gardening a try. There really isn't anything to lose in the attempt. It does take work... not only in the building of, but also the maintenance, harvesting and clean up. But I promise it will be well worth your efforts.

Plant things you love to eat... and then plant enough to share with your family and friends. Not only do I love to eat my own tomatoes, I love to share the abundance as well. (You'll never be able to eat all of the zucchini you plant either.)