Hey Kid: Hats Off

There are some rules of etiquette and respect that not everyone knows or understands.  These "rules" used to be taught by parents but unfortunately, we seem to have fewer and fewer good ones anymore.  Some kids are just not taught basic, simple respect.  The kind of respect that is still expected by the country and society we live in.  I have to give credit to real cowboys here.  They seem to be the last group of individuals that know, understand and practice these rules on a regular basis. If you are a man, you should always remove your hat during certain ceremonious moments.  These include:  The National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, funerals, displays of the American flag, moments of silence, prayer, and scriptural readings.  If you want to be completely within the etiquette guidelines, a hat should not be worn inside a building although our society has relaxed a bit on this one. You should definitely remove your hat when you enter someone's home and never, never wear it inside a church or at the dinner table.  (Unless dinner is at McDonald's then all bets are off.)

It is good form to remove your hat when in conversation with women or when being introduced to women.  (Again... Cowboys have this nailed.) And a "tip of the hat" to an acquaintance or a lady passing by is a nice touch too.  But, Ladies -- The same rules do not apply.  You are never required to remove your hat (it's considered part of your outfit) nor do you ever "tip" you hat to someone.  (It's just not feminine.)

Hopefully, you'll have good parents to teach you these (and other) good manners... but just in case it doesn't happen, I've got you covered.  (Pun intended.)