Hey Kid: Puppies and Ponies

I know you want a pet.  Beleive me, I understand.  I love all animals.  (Well with the exception of snakes.  They represent evil and seem to have no redeeming qualities.)  Having animals in your life as pets or even as a business requires a tremendous amount of time, energy, money, effort and responsiblity.  Make sure you've got all of your bases covered before you comitt.

Take dogs for example.  They are wonderful companions, but they require a lot of attention.  Feeding, training, and cleaning are just some of the DAILY reqirements for your dog.  You also have to make sure you care for their health including regular vaccinations and check ups with a veterinarian.  This can get expensive... and that's not incuding the times your dog may get sick and or injured.  (We once had a $600 vet bill.)

Remember, it's completely not fair to bring a dog home, if you're never home.  Or home rarely... or too tired when you're home.  Dogs are like people.  They are social animals.  They like being around other dogs and people too.  Don't bring a dog home to live in solitary confinment.  It's cruel.

I will tell you that having a dog is worth ALL OF THE ABOVE requirements.  It's so rewarding that the responsiblity seems minimal and effortless.  The rewards certianaly outweigh the risks.  Just make sure you're ready.