Hey Kid: Wear Red

There is a whole psychology about our natural reactions to color.  We’ve known about this science for a long time and people in marketing have even been able to figure out how to use this to their financial advantage.  Color speaks to us.  And while there are some commonalities, each of us as a preference. Chief is colorblind.  Or so he says.  I’m not 100% convinced this is true.  I think he uses it as an excuse when he wants help picking out a tie to go with his suit.  Occasionally, however, he will try to describe something to me and he’ll call it the exact opposite color of what it actually is.  Then I believe him.

I do love the color red.  It is a bold statement color that always gets attention.  I read once that you should always wear red to a job interview.  It gives you courage.  Then, I’ve read that wearing red increases your appeal to the opposite sex.  (There’s plenty of time to worry about that.)  Red is the color of life, of vitality and of love.  And it looks great on everyone.