Hey Kid: Drive

One of the life milestones that you will look forward to the most is getting your drivers' license. While I admit that the "thrill" has faded a bit for me, I still love to drive. I especailly love to drive when the road is clear and I'm all by myself. It's down time... a chance to think and clear my head. Don't get me wrong... I'm focused on driving... but the focus helps keep me centered.

Right now I have a bit of a commute to work. It takes me about 45 minutes, but there is very little traffic. I'm driving from Turlock to Gustine and the scenery is quite beautiful for a portion of the ride. Most of the time I don't even turn on the radio.

For me, driving equals freedom. I'm already dreading the day when I won't be able to do it anymore. I guess things could be worse. By that time, I'll have you to drive me around.