Hey Kid: Mother's Day

In 2012, I wrote a blog post about why I hate Mother's Day.  (Yes, it's true. I really do.)  Nothing's changed since then... so I'm going to re-post the text here.  It makes sense to me and I hope you understand my perspective.  I'm not a hater... I just think it's dumb.

Mother's Day Malevolence

I don't like Mother's Day.  There I said it.  I think it's silly.  It's bugged me for years and now I can finally admit it.

Now it's not what you're thinking.  I love my mother, I love my mother in law, and most of all, I love being a mother.  I have never had a bad Mother's Day and I'm not holding a grudge over some negative experience.  On the contrary.  I have always felt honored, appreciated and loved on Mother's Day... and in fact all of the other days of the year as well.  It seems ridiculous to me that the retail industry has decided that mothers don't get enough reward for their efforts, so you can fix that by gifting cards and flowers and giving us a day off from our responsibilities.  If you've not honored your mother, no holiday in the world will make up for that lack of respect.

Being a mother has been the single most rewarding endeavor I have ever, or will ever undertake.  Each and every moment of my "motherhood" has been a grace filled blessing that I've appreciated all along.  The reward is so far beyond the effort that I'm very uncomfortable with any additional attention or recognition for my role.  It's like receiving an award for an achievement that you did not accomplish.

Perhaps I'm just spoiled.  For those who only feel loved and appreciated on this day, I offer my condolences.  Each day should be filled with such joy.  Not just on the 2nd Sunday of May.

Having said all of that (and I appreciate the opportunity to get that off of my chest) I will have to say that I had a fabulous day... and not just because it's Mother's Day.  Leroy, Sierra and Steel were very kind in word and gift.  But they are my true gift.  Steel wrote to me that we know how we feel about each other, and he's right.  I knew it yesterday, and I'll know it tomorrow.