Hey Kid: Robin Williams

I'm not much of a celebrity watcher... At least if I can help it.  It seems, these days... celebrity news is the headline story.  I try not to pay too close of attention.  There are very few celebrities I would walk across the street to meet. But there is one.

I think Robin Williams is a genius.  Out of all of the famous people in the world, I'd love to meet him.  I say that with some hesitation, because I've watched him enough in interviews to know that the whole experience might be a little overwhelming.  I've witnessed seasoned, professional interviewers crumble in his presence.  He seems to just take over... But that would be alright with me.  I'd just sit back and watch.

My favorite personality trait of Robin Williams is his brilliant sense of humor.  He's just so quick and creative.  It's hard to keep up with him.  And just when you think you're following him, he'll take it to another level.  But comedy is not his only gift.  He is a remarkable actor in every sense of the word.  His  serious, dramatic roles are some of my favorite characters in movies.

Lots of entertainers will come and go before you come around... but Robin Williams will leave a legacy long after he's gone.  I hope you appreciate his talents as much as I do.... And I hope to tell you all about meeting him someday.