Doralice - Post Op

God is good! Doralice's surgery went very well.  Both the surgeon and anesthesiologist have been out to talk to the family.  Doctors removed a thrombosis (blood clot) the size of an iPhone!  The clot had developed on the top of her heart, near the valve that was replaced in 2000.  Since she was already in surgery, they replaced the valve again to avoid another procedure in the coming years.  (The valves wear out and have to be replaced every so often.)

Doralice is still sedated and in an ICU/Recovery unit.  They will bring her out of anesthesia slowly and expect her to be fully alert by 4:00 this afternoon.  If her recovery continues to go well, she will be sitting up tomorrow morning, enjoying breakfast.

Please continue to pray for Doralice, her medical team and everyone who loves her.  The prayers are working and she is well on her way to optimal health!