Hey Kid: Works of Mercy

Be merciful.

It's just that simple... but most of us don't know what that looks like.   To be a good person, you have to do good things.  And when you do those things for someone other than yourself, you're on track.

Many different theologians have written about how to accomplish these "good things" but the Catholic Church has given us a list and I think it's most helpful.  (Of course I've added my own commentary at the end of each one... just for clarification purposes!)

  • The corporal works of mercy are:
    • To feed the hungry - (Easy... and fun too if you do it right.)
    • To give drink to the thirsty - (Ditto)
    • To clothe the naked - (This one's a gift to the world.)
    • To harbor the harborless - (Or shelter the homeless.)
    • To visit the sick - (Duh!)
    • To ransom the captive - (Lots of us are enslaved to something...)
    • To bury the dead - (Again, duh!)
  • The spiritual works of mercy are:
    • To instruct the ignorant - (I would add that we have to keep learning too to accomplish this one!)
    • To counsel the doubtful - (Just live a faithful life, and you'll fulfill this commitment.)
    • To admonish sinners - (Please be careful with this one... It doesn't mean calling people out.)
    • To bear wrongs patiently - (Really, really hard.)
    • To forgive offences willingly - (Again...this one is tricky but I can assure you that you can get better at it.)
    • To comfort the afflicted - (It takes some practice.)
    • To pray for the living and the dead - (Easy.)