Hey Kid: Sopas

Since you come from a Portuguese heritage, you’ll be exposed to some of the most delicious food on the planet.  Now I have to be honest and say it won’t be from me…  Unfortunately I have not mastered any of the recipes.  But the family I married into is full of fabulous cooks. One of the traditional favorites is Sopas.  The traditional dish is both simple and magical.  We only get it a couple times a year, but it never disappoints.

Sopas is the traditional food that is served at the cultural celebrations known as Festas.  These celebrations are full of different religious and cultural events and were originally organized to honor the charitable work of St. Isabel Queen of Portugal.  Tradition tells us that St. Isabel used to sneak food out of the castle under her cape and feed the poor.

Now… back to the food.  There are some important things to know about Sopas.  Everyone likes them just a little different.  Myself… I like them soggy and full of broth.  Chief… he’s a dry sopas kind of guy.

To each his own.

There is something we call all agree on.   Sliced, dill pickles are the perfect, flavor enhancing tidbit to serve with Sopas.  Sometimes the Festas serve pickles… and some do not.  (The running joke in our family is the presence of pickles indicates whether the Festa made money that year.  No pickles?  No money.  – This of course is necessarily true.  It’s a matter of preference.)

There is one MUST when eating Sopas.   You must serve it with orange soda.  It’s like serving the perfect wine with a gourmet meal.  Everyone knows this unwritten rule.  This pairing has been served together, in this are for almost 100 years.  (Or at least as long as orange soda has been around.)