Hey Kid: Ceremonial

  We went to a graduation today. (Jordan's graduation from Chico State.) We've had lots of these ceremonies over the last few years... At least one Rocha grandchild graduates from something every, single year. It's been that way for a while and we have several more to go before we're done.

There are worse problems to have...

It occurred to me that children are very excited for these ceremonies when they first begin. Kindergarten is a VERY BIG DEAL to a child, not so much for parents. We're a little reluctant. As we continue on and the education advances... the child becomes less thrilled over the event and the parent becomes more appreciative. By the time you get to college, you'll probably care less whether you wear the cap and gown and walk across the stage...

But for your parents, it will be a VERY BIG DEAL.

Do it for them. It's kind of your first, adult gift back to your parents that doesn't cost a cent. It's an act of kindness towards your parents. The first of many, I hope. Some gifts cannot be bought and paid for with money.

Words cannot express the feeling of hearing your child's name read aloud... Declaring them a college graduate. The name that they chose before you were born. The name that was your parent's first gift to you.

So walk for them... and some day, I pray your child walks for you.