Hey Kid: Good Neighbor

I'm sure this blog sounds a little old-fashioned to you.  Some of the things I talk about here are probably outdated or not fashionable anymore... but I think they are still important.  I think if we still followed some rules from days gone by, the world would be a better place.

Neighborhoods have really changed since my childhood, and not for the better.  I'm beginning to understand that most people do not know their neighbors anymore.  Or, they might know "of" them, but they don't build relationships with their neighbors like we did in "the olden' days."

Time was, you not only knew your neighbor's name, but you knew their whole family.  People used to host block parties and the neighbors were some of our best friends.  The kids all went to school together and we'd hang out at each others houses after school.

When someone moved away, it was a sad day.  There would be goodbyes with hugs and tears.  Then, when the new neighbor moved in, everyone greeted them and welcomed them to the neighborhood.  (Usually with a Bundt cake.)

That doesn't happen anymore... But that doesn't mean it can't.

Know your neighbors.  Keep in touch with them and build relationships.  Take care of each other and help one another out whenever you can.  Pay attention to the happenings around you.  Be aware and know when something isn't right.  Smile and wave when people pass by you.

All of this will take effort, but the rewards will be great.  I promise.