Hey Kid: Intuition

Call it intuition, gut feeling, instinct...whatever... I want you to learn to trust it.  Personally, I think it's Holy Spirit working  to move us in a particular direction.  When this happens, there is a brief moment of recognition that sets off physiological responses in us to guide us in a certain direction or path.  It's also known as a "still, small voice" and it always has our best interest at heart. (Hence the Holy Spirit connection.) Like I said earlier... doesn't matter what it is or where you believe it's coming from.  Just listen to it.

I think as children, we're pretty good at responding this way.  It's just natural and we don't know any better. Unfortunately, as we get older, we begin to question and doubt.  That leaves way too much room for error.  With age comes wisdom (and with error comes wisdom too) and we begin to see that life is simpler if we don't waste time and just go with our gut feeling.

For some, these reactions can become mixed up due to past negative experiences such as prejudices or abuse. My prayer is that this is never the case for you.  But just in case, stop and think about the outcome and or the consequences.  If it's for good or filled with love, it's from God and always the way to go.