Hey Kid: Ice Cream

There is something magical about eating ice cream in the summertime.  No single activity will transport you back to childhood more quickly than the simple act of eating ice cream, especially if it's in a cone.  I would even go further to say it’s impossible to eat ice cream and not be happy or at least in a good mood.  It might not last for long, but it’s a sure way to feel young and carefree.  At least for a few minutes. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate.  That shouldn’t surprise you by now. I have to admit however, that a simple, creamy French Vanilla is almost always a perfect choice.  It pairs beautifully with other delicious sweet treats like cookies, brownies or fruit pies.  (Yum.)

When you’re here, we’ll invest in an ice cream maker.  This is an old, summertime tradition that has faded in our family the last few years.  We’ll find a recipe and make our own.  And I promise you it will taste better than anything we’ll be able to find in a store.