Hey Kid: Concept of Time

Time is my most precious commodity and even at my age, I continue to evolve in my understanding of it.  We hear phrases such as, time is precious, or don’t waste time, but do we really take these to heart?  I think this understanding only comes with maturity.  It’s only until some time passes that we begin to understand the wisdom of careful time management. I’ve learned a lot about the understanding of time from God’s perspective.  God is, was and forever will be.  God is found in the now.  Not in yesterday, and not tomorrow.  God is found only in the present and when we dwell there, we dwell with God.

It’s complicated.  I know.

Just learn to live in the moment.  That doesn’t mean you don’t prepare for the future… That would be irresponsible.   But don’t invest so much effort into what will be, that you miss the here and now.  Remember, that’s where God is so that is where we want to be.

Note: The artwork attached to this post is a picture of the painting is “Time Being Overcome by Truth” by Pietro Liberi.  It seemed appropriate since God is Truth.