Hey Kid: Peace of Mind

We are all born with an inherit knowledge of what’s right and wrong.  And it is most important to understand that it is different for all of us.  What’s right or wrong for me may not necessarily be the same for you and vice-versa. This is why it is so important that we not judge one another. We must remember, as in everything in life, it’s between you and God. I received some advice from a wise friend.  I asked him what he wanted his grandchildren to know and he said, “No matter what life may entice you with, never compromise your peace of mind!  You will never get it back once you let it go.”

Good advice.

The difficult part of this is figuring out what will bring you peace of mind.  Beyond the obvious, no one can really tell you because it’s different for all of us.  Life will be a lot simpler and much more comfortable if you learn some solid decision-making skills early.  You really have to think things through and decipher what decision will bring you peace and happiness and what will risk negative consequences that you will regret.

I’d like to tell you that this whole process is fairly simple... and that I had a magic formula, but unfortunately it’s difficult to learn.  Most of us learn more from doing it wrong.  And you will do it wrong too.

Some of us never learn.

But you must continue to persevere.  Even if it feels more like trial and error.  You'll get the hang of it.