Hey Kid: Never Be Boring

I've never understood the concept of being "bored."  Even when I was a kid, there was ALWAYS something to do.  If the task or activity we were involved in got tiresome, we moved on to the next thing.  (Unless, of course the task was necessary, then we saw it through to completion.)  No one had to tell us this concept.  It's just what we did. We had imagination and we used it a lot.

I once had a teacher tell me that people who say they are bored are really saying they are lazy.  This made perfect sense to me.  People really aren't bored, they are boring.

And that's a choice.

Make a better choice.  Don't be boring.

No matter what you do in life, add a little spice.  Go the extra mile.  Kick it up a notch and increase the value of your time.  Use your imagination and be creative whether it's at work or at play.  Dream, explore and most of all just do the things that you enjoy.  Find lots of options so you always have choices.  If you find you have nothing to do, you're not paying attention to the world around you.  There is always something to keep us occupied.  You might just find a new adventure if you open yourself up to the opportunity.