Hey Kid: Know Your Place

There is an old saying "Children are to be seen and not heard."  You probably won't hear this too often as it is no longer politically correct.  People have misinterpreted the statement as the oppression of children.  I disagree.  While our utmost responsibility as human beings is the protection of children it does not mean they should to be treated as adults.  On the contrary.  And since they do not hold the same responsibilities as adults, they should not be burdened with adult issues. Know your place.

Let the adults handle adult matters.  There will be plenty of time for you to run your own life as you see fit.  Trust me, one day you'll wish someone else was making the decisions for you, handling your personal matters and supporting you financially again.  Be respectful of authority.  They are only in that position because they have a responsibility to manage.  Don't make it a difficult position.  Life is tough enough.

And this isn't just for children.  There are some adults that are not respectful of "their place" in other's affairs.  You may very well have an opinion about everything but that doesn't mean anyone wants to hear it. So keep it to yourself.  Unless you are directly responsible for the outcome of a situation it's really none of your business.