Hey Kid: You're Hired

Job interviews are the worst.  They are stress inducing, nerve-wracking, terrible, horrible experiences... But they are a part of life and you should learn to master some skills early so you do it right the first time.  (Think about it... the better you are in an interview, the more likely you'll be hired and therefore dramatically reduce the number of job interviews you will have to endure.) Common sense. I've already told you to wear red.  There are a few other things to remember.

  1. Be on time.  Better yet, be early.  (This is a life skill.)
  2. Make eye contact and present a firm handshake.
  3. Don't wear perfume.  Some are allergic or find it offensive.
  4. Smile.  A lot.  Talk with a smile too.  Not only do you look better, your voice will improve too.
  5. Do enough research on the company and the position before you arrive so you don't look like a fool.
  6. Ask questions.  The interview works both ways.  Are you good for the company and/or is the company good for you?
  7. Demonstrate your skills and knowledge.
  8. Stay calm.
  9. Follow up.

Steel once advised that it's good practice to make a statement to divert attention away from you.  I.e. make a comment about an item in the room or compliment a photograph.  Demonstrate a commonality between you and the interviewer.

He also suggested wearing a watch.  It makes you look smart.  (So do glasses.)