Hey Kid: Sarcasm

I'm not (necessarily) proud of it, but I'm tri-lingual. I'm fluent in English, Profanity and Sarcasm. The last two are not (necessarily) character traits I'm proud of... but I have to be honest and admit, they are a part of who I am. I've heard all the arguments about demonstrating a lack of intelligence and so forth... but it hasn't stopped me. At least not yet. I know I should clean up the profanity, but the sarcasm is here to stay! And I'm not alone.

My immediate family, (Chief, Sierra, Steel) as well as most of my extended family are quite proficient as well. It's how we communicate. You might not like it, but you'll at least have to "comprehend the language" if you're going to understand us.

We know that not everyone in the world lives this way, but we do. And if you are going to spend any time with us, you'll have to build up a tolerance. (Please re-read the post about not taking life too seriously.) We have scared away upstanding individuals who just could not put up with our "lifestyle" choice. But like I said, it's who we are so you're going to have to adapt.