Hey Kid: Birds of a Feather

I've already stated that I think I've raised two extraordinary children.  I'm not quite sure it should be "I've raised" of "I am raising" but I know they are on the right track.  One of the indicators of their character are the people they have chosen as friends.  This elite group of young men and women are some of the most incredible human beings I have ever met.  Their friendship with my kids as well as their relationship with me and Chief are some of the greatest sources of blessings for my family. There were a couple of those special kids over today... and I thought about taking a picture to include in this post... But I didn't want to limit the field.  While these two are certainly worthy of praise, so are the others who hold the same place in my heart and I didn't want to exclude anyone.  Some of this kids have been friends since elementary school... and some are new college friends... but all of them unique and a part of our family.  When they are away from us, I miss them dearly and they are always a welcome sight in our home.

Surround yourself with good friends.  Choose wisely and evaluate constantly.  Make sure these individuals are focused on the same things in life, have the same moral code and ethics.  Spend time with people who challenge you, keep you accountable and support you with your hopes, dreams and desires.

And for the same reasons... be that kind of friend too.  Be respectful of their families, their needs and their limitations.  Be uplifting as you would want them to be for you.  Be loyal and you will be repaid with loyalty.