Hey Kid: Patriotism

You come from a long line of loyal Americans.  There are several members of your family that were willing to sacrifice their lives for this country.  We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to them and everyone else who has served in our armed forces. Your Great-Grandfather (Chick) served in the Army during the Korean Conflict.  Your Great-Uncle (Jon) served in Marine Corps during the Iraq War and you have a second cousin who recently returned from Afghanistan where he served in the Marine Corps.  This is a small sampling of a very long list of relatives who defended our freedom.

Heroes.  All of them.

I'm pretty good at keeping my emotions in tack with the exception of all things patriotic.  Nothing stops me in my tracks faster than a well sung version of the National Anthem or a beautiful American flag flying overhead.  I am awestruck by the sight of military personnel at the airport or a veteran at the grocery store.

Don't get patriotism confused with politics.  They are not the same.  Regardless of your political beliefs or your disagreements with others, if you were born in America, you are blessed and privileged among all men.  Do not ever take your freedom for granted.  It was paid for by the lives on men and women who came before you and the least you can do is honor the sacrifice.