Hey Kid: Educated Happiness

Oh that we would all learn this lesson sooner rather than later.  There's a big difference in knowing the value of things versus their market value.  Expensive things cannot bring you happiness.  Actually no thing can bring you happiness.  But there is a joy that comes from knowing the value of what's around you.  Although this includes things, it is not limited to objects.  Valuing time, people and experiences will bring you more happiness than any object. Ever.

Now, having said that, I will concede that we do need "stuff" too.  Just the simple things that make my life easier bring me tremendous happiness.  (I.e. my home, my car, my computer...)  But the "value" of these items is nowhere near their market value.  I don't appreciate them because of what they cost me, I appreciate them because they are valuable to me as an addition to the comfort level of my lifestyle.

Learn to understand and recognize the difference.