Hey Kid: Bad Words

I have the mouth of a sailor when it comes to profanity.  I'm not proud of this... but I'm honest.  There are,  however, a few words that cross the line with me.  Words have power... and be it logical or illogical we need to be careful how and when we use them. There are a few words I hate.  Some of them just irritate me for no logical reason.  I.e. panties and ca-ca.  Others are so offensive that I don't think it's appropriate even to use them in jest.  I.e. nigger and retard.  (Most people won't write out the "n-word" but I want to be very, very clear on this subject matter.)

Watch your language.  Don't use offensive terms.  If you were really smart (smarter than me) you wouldn't use ANY term that groups people together.  See people as individuals.  You'll be surprised how this changes your interaction and your feelings towards them.  Prejudices (intended or not intended) are damaging to our relationships.  Be smarter than this behavior.  Think on an individual level and you'll see people for who they really are.