Steel Update: Decision Day

When Steel injured his knee in a football game in September 2012, we were surrounded by angels. Never in my life have I felt the physical presence of love, prayers and best wishes like I did during those days in Oregon. From the moment we learned of the severity of the injury through today's announcement, we have been the witnesses of miracle after miracle. Words cannot express our deep appreciation to everyone who sent their love our way. Many people have asked me if Steel would play football again. I have not known the answer until today. Since the moment of his injury my prayer has always been that he would have a choice. I didn't want some doctor or coach to tell him no. This week my prayer was answered.

Steel traveled to Oregon and met with the orthopedic surgeon. After several physical tests on the knee, the doctor told Steel he has had a remarkable recovery. Dr. Butler told him that his ACL recovery has been one of the best he has ever seen. His prognosis is excellent. However, he did recommend that Steel no play anymore. The risk is just too great.

Steel has made a decision.


We couldn't be more proud. And after a collective sigh of relief, we support Steel's choice with thanksgiving that the decision was his alone. My prayer has been answered.

I hope this is the final post on this story. I can't think of a better ending for this entire drama. The story started as an unimaginable tragedy became a moment by moment best case scenario. Now that we are writing the final chapter, I'd like to think of this as happily ever after.