Hey Kid: Seriously Dating

I take dating very seriously.  It's like a dress-rehearsal for marriage.  This is the time when you discover things about yourself and your personality that will help you in relationships for the rest of your life.  Through trial and error, you come to realize the behaviors you will tolerate and the ones you won't.  It's almost like practice with plenty of room for mistakes, do overs and opportunity to throw in the towel. Think of it as a test-drive before making the big purchase.  Once you sign on the dotted line... you're committed and you live with the decision you've made.  For better and for worse.  Chances are things are going to get a whole lot worse and some point in time and you better be prepared.   Or, you should at least fully understand what you're getting yourself into.

Before that time, you have plenty of freedom to change your mind.  You can figure out what it is (exactly) that you are looking for in a spouse and confirm that your significant other is headed in the same direction.  Remember, you are being evaluated as well.  Don't pretend to be someone you are not.  Let them see the real you and decide for themselves if they are willing to put in the same level of commitment.