Hey Kid: Front Page

I'm always asking my friends and family what it is they would want their grandchildren to know.  (I'm not too proud to steal ideas.)  Recently, I met a new friend and her sound advice to her (already existing) grandchildren was not to do anything that could land them on the front page of the newspaper.  No one wants to end up with bad press, for anything. Take a peek at a local newspaper.  Most of the news is not positive.  If you're on the front page, you've probably done something wrong or you're in some sort of trouble.  (This is at least the most likely scenario.)

Behave in a manner that does not bring negative attention.  Getting caught in trouble is bad enough... having the whole world know about it is worse.  The solution?  Don't do anything to bring negative attention!  It sounds simple but most people don't think about the consequences of their actions PRIOR TO the action.  If you think of "bad press" as a deterrent, maybe you'll think twice.

At least that is my hope.