Hey Kid: Spouse 101

When I Google "spouse instruction manual" all I get are a bunch of links for the Internal Revenue Service.  If Google can't find anything, it probably doesn't exist, right? Right.

We have all kinds of classes, how to books, DIY videos, instruction manuals and other educational materials on lots and lots of subjects.  There are great "advice" books on raising children, advancing your career, changing the oil on you car, etc.  But it's difficult to find anything on being a good spouse.  (There are many books on trying to make your spouse be good to you but I think it's best to start with yourself.)

Learn to be a good spouse.  This may be one of the most difficult tasks/requests I've put before you.  I wish I could send you to a class or seminar, but the fact is you're going to have to learn by observing good spouses and using the good old trial and error method.  Look to those who've been married for a long time.  I.e. Chief.  (He's a very good spouse and the near perfect example of what to do.)  Hopefully, your parents will provide a good role model for you too. (I'm doing the best I can to prepare them in that area right now.) If not, learn from their mistakes.

The main point is to realize that it's important.  If you're conscious of how you treat your mate, chances are you'll do well, or at least realize when you're not doing well and work to improve.  Be aware of your actions and how you relate to your spouse.  Don't take them or your relationship for granted.  Ever.  Life moves too quickly.