Hey Kid: Jerks

Today's graphic is one of my all time favorites from artist Gary Larson.  Other words (for me) for jerk include: pompous, arrogant, conceited, mean-spirited or even obnoxious. Jerks are a fact of life.  I'm not completely convinced God put them here to "keep things interesting" but they sure can be irritating.  With the gift of free will, we can choose to be jerk or not.  Make the right choice.

It's a good idea not to spend time with jerks too.  Don't reward their behavior by your presence or your attention.  Most of the time they're just trying to get noticed.  Unfortunately we have a tendency to act like jerks when we hang around jerks.  It's fairly common but completely avoidable.  Birds of a feather flock together.

So don't be a jerk, and don't hang around jerks.  And if you do, I'll be there to bring it to your attention.