Hey Kid: Be Still

In our society today, there is a common belief that more is better.  We want more things, more time, more money, more energy... more everything.  To accomplish this, we think we have to be and do more too.  It has taken a toll on many of us and we've lost the appreciation of stillness and silence.  I think this is a terrible situation.  We're missing out on what really matters. STOP THE GLORIFICATION OF BUSY!

One simply cannot sit still and be silent without being in the present.  It's impossible.  To achieve complete silence and stillness, we need to remove all of the distractions around us.  We think about the past, or prepare for the future.  To sit still, we surrender to the now, the present... who we are today.  And that makes some of us very uncomfortable.

It takes a lot of continued practice to really live in the moment but you can improve.  We have to learn to shut off the world and meditate to truly be present.   In Psalm 46:10 it reads, "Be still and know I am God."  He doesn't say "think about the past and what might have been" or "worry about what's about to happen."  God simply says, "be still" and the knowledge will come.