Hey Kid: Show Up

Sometimes the best gift you can give is your presence.  For those who love us, it's enough just to have us around.  The older I get, the more I appreciate this concept.  We underestimate our value to others.   We may never know what our time, our attention and our effort meant to them.  Our presence may have made the difference in turning a bad situation into a tolerable one.  We are a social people and we need each other... especially when we don't think we do.  When we deny this fact, we need each other the most.

Show up.

Be there.

Make this a priority in your life and you'll find the time.  I know it will cost you in energy, effort and you may never see the benefit, but I assure you it's there.  Sometimes we are the recipient of the grace and sometimes our efforts are for the benefit of others.  Either way, we are blessed whether we realize it or not.

Your time will never be wasted if you go with good intentions.  You will not regret the choice to go, but you may regret missing the opportunity after it has passed.