Hey Kid: Chivalry

If you ask someone who knows me and Chief well, they might use the following terms to describe us:

  • Old School
  • Conservative
  • Old Fashioned
  • Traditional
  • Conventional
  • Fuddy-Duddy
  • Old Guard

None of these terms are offensive to us.  Not at all.  As a matter of fact, we would describe ourselves in the same way.  We believe in traditional male/female roles.  We believe that God put us here for different purposes and every fiber of our being is created to fulfill that purpose.  With these pre-designated roles, comes rules of ethics and conduct that cannot be ignored.  And you know what?  Whether they'll admit it or not, your parents think the same way.  They have been taught to execute and expect these traditional values and they are a part of their character.

Chivalry is not dead.

Gentlemen: It is your responsibility to be conduct yourselves in a respectful manner around women.  This includes a list including (but not limited to) the following behaviors in the presence of a lady.

Hold the door open for her.  Every door.  Every time.

Do not sit in her presence. Offer your seat if she does not have one.

Help her into a vehicle before you enter.

Remove your hat in her presence, especially during an introduction or greeting.

Walk on the street side of the sidewalk.

Ladies always go first when walking together or in line for anything.

Offer your arm as an escort or at least a hand if necessary.

Help her with her coat/sweater and offer her yours if she is cold.

Ladies: Equally important to these rules is your appreciative and participatory behavior.  Do not ever criticize someone who is making the attempt.  Do not ridicule or turn down the offer of chivalrous behavior.  I don't care how uncomfortable you feel.  Your job is to be the grateful and humble recipient.  Not only is the grace bestowed on you but the gentleman that cares for you in such a becoming manner earns and deserves your sincere gratitude and admiration.