Hey Kid: Traveling Man

Your grandfather is an extraordinary man.  He really is.  Sometimes, he's just too good to be true.  He's quite generous and always concerned about everyone around him.  When this attention is directed solely on me, I'm delighted.  When his "care-taking" extends to others, I get extremely frustrated.  But that says more about me than him now, doesn't it...? Anyway -

Traveling with Chief is quite an experience.  If you survive the stress of preparation you will be on a wonderful adventure.  Chief goes hard in everything he does.  He works hard and he plays hard too.  He wants everything to be perfect and sometimes that's an overwhelming task.  We affectionately call this stressful preparation time "Dad's Pre-Travel Attitude." It's no fun for anyone.

But once it's over... You'll be in for the time of your life.  Once you are officially underway, Chief will make sure that you are enjoying yourself to the max.  He'll ensure you have everything you need and that all your needs are met.

No one ever needs to worry about forgetting something when we're away.  Chief will quickly volunteer to go to the store to pick it up for you.  Shopping is one of his favorite travel activities.  (Especially if there's a Costco nearby.)  Just know that it's in your grandfather's nature to take care of you.  It brings him tremendous joy to do for his friends and family,

It's like having our own, personal concierge.