Hey Kid: Not Responsible

I'm learning that there is a wonderful amount of freedom that comes with grandparenting.  From observing those around me, I've come to realize that I'll be able to get away with a lot of fun things with you... things that your parents can't or won't do for one reason or another.  I.e. Eating dessert for dinner, staying up past a bedtime or (my favorite) skipping school for an adventure. Now your parents have good intentions.  It's hard being a mom and dad.  Trust me.  I've done (am doing) my time.  But grandparenting brings a whole host of freedoms. I'll be able to let you stay up past a bedtime, because it will be a "once in a while" thing.  We'll eat chocolate chip cookies for dinner because you won't expect them for every meal at home.  Your parents will have the work, we'll have all the fun.

I cannot be held responsible for the consequences of your behavior.

  • If you're a complete brat because you're tired from staying up too late at Granny's.... Not my problem.  We had fun while it lasted.
  • If you puke chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the night, it won't be my fault.  I'm the grandmother... We're supposed to provide those kinds of treats.
  • If you fail your spelling test because I pulled you out of school to take you to Disneyland... Oh well!  Who would ever deny a grandparent an experience like that?!

Oh this is exciting!  It's almost a little bit of payback for your parents irrational requests from when they were young.  (Although I do have to admit here they were few and far between.  Most of them, I allowed.)

This is going to be AWESOME!