Hey Kid: Shorty

One of the best life philosophies that I've tried to adopt is to not spend too much time, energy and attention on things I cannot control.  It's a wasted effort.  One of these "beyond my control" issues is my height. Or lack thereof.

Odds are you'll be short too.  Most of the people in my family are below average height.  I married into a family that wasn't much taller than my own (on average.)  Our union did little to change the gene pool.  It was a risk I was willing to take... and as genetics go.. things have gone as predicted.  Our children are not very tall either.

No big deal.  What we lack in physical stature, we more than make up for with our sparkling personalities.  At least I hope that is the case.  My height has never been an issue for me.  Actually, to be completely honest I prefer it to being too tall.  Tall people stick out... they're awkward.  I've never worried about a problem that is easily solved by the use of a ladder.  What happens if someone is "too tall" for something?  There is no quick fix or simple solution.

See, things are so bad down here after-all, are they?!